“One caste, one religion, one GOD for mankind”
The above quoted is the most famous of all teachings by Sri. Narayana Guru, whose role in eradicating apartheid in Kerala is humongous. He preached the oneness of GOD and man. He asked us to worship that great power which resides in all of us, despite the difference in which religion we follow. Guru knew the problems in this world are basically rooted in the basic of human believes, ie, Religion.
Narayana Guru is considered the first non-brahmin to install an idol for worship. In those times the people of lower castes were not allowed to enter temples and his temple at Aruvippuram was the first one to be opened for the public. There were gargantuan protests from the upper castes but Guru and his disciples were not ready to give up on his vision of an equal society.
There were many acclaimed followers who were with Narayana Guru in bringing social justice to the lower caste people. Many schools, hospitals, legal guidance centers for poor and such services were started and maintained by the “Sree Narayana Dharmaparipalana Yogam“[SNDP], an organization started by Sri Narayana Guru and his followers.
He was a strong advocate of the ‘advaita’ concept and ‘Ahimsa’. His ‘Advaita ashramam’ in Alwaye, Kerala is dedicated to the concept ‘All Human beings are equal in the eyes of GOD’ [Om Sahodaryam Sarvatra]. Guru encouraged common-man to see others as themselves.
Guru asked his followers to follow what he taught. The Sivagiri Pilgrimage was designed by him with the goals of self purification based on Sri Buddha’s principles.
You can find the details about Sri. Narayana Guru from the following links :
Well, why did I say so much about Sree Narayana Guru? Yesterday [25-08-2010] the whole Kerala of celebrated his 156th birthday. But, according to what I see and what is conceived in this article, nobody has taken anything from the valuable teachings of Gurudevan.
The most prominent teaching of Gurudevan is what I have given in the very beginning of this post. But who all are practicing that teaching? None. Nobody has understood anything from his teachings. Gurudevan is now considered to be the icon of one caste in Kerala, where he wanted to build a society with no caste. Even when he was alive one particular society had proclaimed him to be their religious leader and people from other castes agreed to this. May be this was made happen by those who never fully understood Gurudevan’s teachings.
Gurudevan, like Jesus and many other religious and non-religious reformers, preached producing, selling and consuming alcohol is immoral. Being ‘Gurudeva Jayanthi’, yesterday the government of Kerala had given a holiday for the KSBC [Kerala State Beverages Corporation] outlets, and that is a great way of showing respect to that great personality. But, sadly, thats it. Even if the liquor outlets were shut there are many ways to buy alcohol and many a number of people were drinking to celebrate Gurudevan’s birthday celebrations!
Another great teaching of Gurudevan is to worship the power of GOD in ourselves. He asked us not to depend on external features to find GOD, who is in ourselves. He installed mirrors in many temples to symbolize this teaching. But what do we see now? We see Gurudevan’s statues being installed in mini-temples across the state and worshiped as if he had made no comments on making him a deity. He had specifically asked his followers not to make him a GOD after his demise.
Members of S.N.D.P Yogam, the organization controlling the trust and managing the ashram and temples, have taken a decision. Not to install anymore plaster-of-paris or other statues of Gurudevan. Well, if you think they have finally understood what Gurudevan said, they have decided to install ‘Panchaloha‘ idols of Gurudevan. Impressed? Thought so.

Independence day. We Indians rejoice on that day. The joy transcends the differences and barriers of caste, religion and language. Well, this period is also a big business for tri-color paper-flag sellers. There is also plastic flags available. We Indians buy atleast one flag as we think showcasing a tri-color in our home, on bicycles or in other vehicles speak of our love for our nation. And mind you, they do tell about our love towards our nation.

But am not concerned if you buy a flag or not. Rather am concerned about what you do with this flag after the Independence day. Where would you keep it? In a safe place? Somewhere sacred? Or would you just throw away that flag?

Throw away that flag? Huh?!! You must be thinking what I am talking about. Who would dare to throw away our national flag when there is provision in our penal code to punish those who humiliate our national flag? Well, I would like to share a picture with you.

 Our national flag soiled and left on the street to be stepped on by hundreds who walked by


Yes, this is a picture of one of those flags which someone left on the streets after the celebrations. They, who left the flags on the street, are also patriots but lack the spirit. They think they love our nation, but they fail to feel the spirit of our nation. Pity on them.

I took the flag home. I washed it, kept it in a safe place. I expect you too to do the same when you see a flag on the sidewalk or where ever our tri-color flag doesn’t deserve to be at.

If you are not sure you cannot give proper respect please refrain from buying a flag and later dumping the same on the street


Nobody is asking you to buy a flag. Please don’t buy a flag if you are not sure you can take good care of it.

Visit this link to know what you can do if you notice anyone humiliating our national flag Click here

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